Thursday, 22 June 2017

Make work a thing you do rather than a place you go

Make Work A Thing You Do Rather Than A Place To Go

“The boss didn’t want to set a precedent” is an excuse I’ve heard over and over again from women who say their request for flexible work was denied.

So I wasn’t surprised to see it come up in new research released today from Career Inside Track, to mark Flexible Work Day 2017.

Around one quarter of the more than 200 people surveyed said they had had their requests for flexible work denied, with 60% saying they had experienced ‘flexism’ — a word the report authors use to describe being discriminated against for working flexibly.

Denying someone the ability to work flexibly often means denying them the opportunity to stay in their current role. It can mean denying them the opportunity to work, to have a career, to spend time with their family, to care for someone, or to pursue a hobby or interest that contributes to their wellbeing.

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