Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Dirty Vaccines

What The Industry Is Not Telling You About Vaccines
A very important study of findings about vaccines.  It is quite alarming!

Lead, chromium, nickel and other metals linked to brain damage and IQ deficits were detected in every adjuvant sample tested by the vaccine industry, study confirms Italian research

Metals including toxic lead contaminate virtually all aluminum adjuvants, a widely-used ingredient of human and animal vaccines, according to a recent study published in the leading journal of the vaccine industry. The research, from 2015 confirms the independent findings published last month by Italian researchers.

Contaminants including iron, copper, nickel and chromium were found in varying levels in each vaccine adjuvant sampled from different lots. Other impurities including lead were present in measurable amounts. Lead is a neurotoxic metal which the World Health Organization and other agencies have said there is no acceptable safe level in children.
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