Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Are Doctors Making You Sicker?

Are Doctors Making You Sicker

The only time you don’t have the ability to heal is when disempowering programs are running and overriding health and healing. Disempowering programs are strong beliefs that run in the subconscious mind and can unconsciously control us, resulting in mental, emotional and/or physical dysfunction. 

We can unknowingly “pick up” disempowering programs/beliefs anywhere, but a doctor’s office or hospital is actually one of the easiest places to get a disempowering program installed. When we seek medical attention, we are often sick or afraid of being sick, and because we are looking for someone in authority to solve our health problems, we give our power away in exchange for healing. The combination of fear and powerlessness causes an altered state of consciousness so when we receive a medical diagnosis, and we accept it as truth, the diagnosis is seamlessly installed as a program in the subconscious mind.

Not knowing that a diagnosis is a program for disease or disability, as the doctor defines the symptoms and prognosis, the patient literally downloads all aspects of the disease or disorder. Let’s say that a patient went to see his doctor with a nagging cough and the doctor diagnosed “ABC disease” – once the patient knows that he “has” this disease, and he believes the prognosis, he may suddenly begin to experience all the symptoms associated with the disease, and if there is an expected progression, the disease may quickly escalate to the next stage.

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