Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Protect Women Worldwide From Acid Attacks

Protect Women From Acid Attacks

 Acid Attacksagainst women have been in the news lately.  This is quite disturbing.

The event you report (Woman in rape trial hit by acid for fifth time, 3 July) is a reminder that women around the world live with the threat of acid attacks daily, including Bangladesh, Colombia, Nepal, Uganda and more recently the UK.

In Bangladesh, where ActionAid works, there have been thousands of acid attacks over the last few years. These include young girls trying to escape forced marriage. In most cases people purposely aim for the face – destroying the eyelids so the eyes remain open – as a woman’s face is seen as sacred. Her disfigurement then becomes a public mark of shame, making it hard for her to get married or gain employment.

However, all too often this is a crime that goes unreported and unpunished for fear of reprisal. Grassroots women’s rights organisations are the key to tackling this. With the right support, they can help to ensure that women’s rights are not just preached but put into practice, and that the one in three women worldwide who experience violence get the support and justice they deserve.

Sarah Carson
Women’s rights campaign manager, ActionAid UK
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