Tuesday, 9 May 2017

10 Incredible uses of Garlic

10 Incredible Uses Of Garlic

I thought this might be of interest.  If only the little bulb did not leave such an odour, we'd all be very much more eager to use it frequently!

10 Incredible Garlic Hacks
There it is, sitting on your shelf next to that old box of sea salt, a smelly little wonder substance that has been thought to help people avoid certain types of cancer, lower their cholesterol and amp up their immune systems during flu season. We speak of garlic, the beloved stinking rose and global-cuisine superstar. “Garlic is one of nature’s best medicines,” says Courtney Abrams, a health coach at Roslyn Wellness. “It contains a chemical called allin, which when chewed converts into allicin, an acidic compound that reacts with free radicals (those byproducts of digestion that mess with our DNA and cellular membranes) and destroys them.” Some people should use it carefully: Avoid it if you are taking blood-thinning medication or are prone to stomach ulcers. Here are 10 hacks for getting the most out of your garlic, retaining its therapeutic properties and preparing it more easily.
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