Monday, 13 March 2017

5 Common Kitchen Herbs For Weight Loss

The Kitchen Spice Rack For Weight Loss

I was delighted when I saw this article.  We all have spices in our kitchen which can support when you want to lose weight.

Nature’s bounty has played an integral role in modern drug development so is it any wonder some common kitchen herbs and spices have the potential to play a role in weight loss and the fight against obesity?

One of the reasons a whole foods diet plays such a crucial role in good health is because it incorporates those very foods, herbs, and spices that possess the ability to heal and support our body. Often these foods are taken for granted, thrown into a soup here or a stew there without further thought to the powerful benefits they bestow upon those lucky enough to consume them. But in fact, natural substances have been a source of pharmacology for years with many well-known drugs on the market today being derived directly or indirectly from plants: think morphine and aspirin. But when it comes to weight loss and obesity, what role do plants have to play? As it turns out - a rather large one.

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