Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Dangers Of Air Pollution

Air Pollution

When I read the article about air pollution , it brought back memories of one summer in London.  It was hot and humid.  As I was crossing Oxford Street, I felt physically sick simply by breathing the polluted air.  It was extreme as I have not experienced anything on the same level anywhere.  This highlights the severity of air pollution and what we breathe in on a daily basis in a built up area where traffic is flowing incessantly.  That is why the importance of green spaces cannot be stressed enough.

  • Air pollution is known to exacerbate heart and lung conditions, but recent research has identified how it is triggering cell death and atherosclerosis
  • Particulate air pollution is a worldwide problem, causing more deaths in Africa than unsafe water, malnutrition, and unsanitary conditions
  • Research has demonstrated that poor air quality also affects decision making and productivity, linking poor air quality days with decreasing returns in the New York Stock Exchange

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