Thursday, 27 October 2016

Growing Herbal Helpers At Home

Growing Herbs At Home.

Growing herbs at home can be a lot of fun and doesn't need a lot of space.  A window sill is enough to grow parsley, chives, basil and more.

Herbs are normally thought of as a culinary addition to transform a boring dish into an amazing meal, but many of them are easy to grow, easy to maintain and bestow a number of health benefits. 

The pharmacy of the future will not dispense pharmaceuticals, but instead nutraceuticals. A great way to start this movement is in the comfort of your own home, by growing herbs in your kitchen.
Kitchen medicine is the pharmacy of the future and dispenses plants rather than pharmaceuticals. Plus, when is the last time your prescription refilled itself with a little water and the sun? Growing herbs is a great way to move towards a more sustainable future, and away from the frustrations of the pharmaceutical industry.

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