Friday, 16 September 2016

Facts About The Zika Virus The Public Is Not Told

The subject of the Zika virus is not going away anytime soon and here Dr. Mercola warns about the facts that the public is not told about this virus.
Facts about the Zika Virus, the public are not told

  • Models warned 200 million Americans would become infected with Zika this summer, but the two states with the highest rates of Zika infections, New York and Florida, have only had 625 and 507 cases respectively so far
  • Naled insecticide, which is being aerially sprayed in Florida and elsewhere, can have adverse effects on your nervous system. Organophosphates are also linked with shortened pregnancies, lowered IQ and increased risk of ADD
  • New York and California are using pyrethroid pesticides to combat Zika-carrying mosquitoes; ingredients are known endocrine disruptors with neurotoxic and potentially carcinogenic properties, and may be harmful to the fetal brain
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