Sunday, 3 April 2016

Connection Between Arthritic Pain And Weather Conditions

Link Between Arthritis And Weather Conditions

The weather does play a part in our well-being which has been known for centuries since everything is connected in nature.  How often did I hear my mother complain about pain in her ankle, (she had broken it, when the weather was changing.  So often that I believe this article to be an accurate description of the effect of atmospheric conditions on Arthritis.

Do your joints ache when a storm is coming? Do you feel like a walking, talking weather prediction station? You may be convinced your arthritic pain is worse when the barometric pressure falls, but many researchers have developed headaches trying to prove this with science.

  • Most scientific studies have failed to show a connection between changing weather patterns and arthritic symptoms, until now
  • A new study found a potential link between atmospheric conditions (temperature, pressure, and humidity) and severity of arthritis symptoms
  • As barometric pressure changes, the pressure in your joints changes as well, which may impact nerve endings around those joints, increasing pain
  • Arthritis drugs are among the most toxic in medicine, with side effects that may include infections, liver toxicity, kidney failure, cancer, and death
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