Saturday, 26 December 2015

Tips For A Healthy New Year

Healthy Eating Choices For 2016

Christmas is a time for indulgence for many but also a time for reflection of what we want to change in the new year.  Since being healthy is the most important aspect of our life, why not consider a more healthy approach to consumerism.  Here are a few tips on how to eat organic, cooking your own food and where possible even grow your own food.  Shopping wisely need not be expensive, it is about knowing what you want to eat and shopping accordingly rather than being guided by what you see in the shop.

  • Cook your own meals at home, ideally from scratch (including growing as much of your own food as possible)
  • Upgrade your baking by swapping out coconut flour for wheat flour, butter for margarine, pureed fruits and veggies for sugar, and coconut oil for vegetable oil
  • Choose meat that’s pastured (grass-fed) and organic; avoid processed meats
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