Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Tips For Curbing Motion Sickness

Motion sickness affects some people very badly and this article will go some way to explain what happens when we are sick while moving.

Tips For Curbing Motion Sickness

Newswise — Summer is a season of flights, road trips, boat rides and amusement park visits. For those who suffer from motion sickness, it can be a tough time of year.

Whether it’s car sickness, sea sickness or the vertigo caused by a rollercoaster ride, it all boils down to balance.

The brain combines visual information from the eyes with sensory information from body parts in contact with the ground. Then it mixes that with input from the fluid-filled cavities of the inner ear’s vestibular system to maintain balance.

When information coming from those three sources doesn’t agree, motion sickness can occur.
Say you're below deck on a boat and looking at a wall, for instance. Your feet and vestibular system may sense the movement of the ship, yet your eyes may report that nothing is moving.
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