Thursday, 8 June 2017

Best And Worst Sunscreeens

Best And Worst Sunscreens

 This post is very important for people who love sunbathing this summer.  There are, like in every case, pros and cons of protection.   It pays to look carefully at sunscreens.

  • While sensible sun exposure is necessary for optimal health, overexposure can result in skin damage that could raise your risk of skin cancer. The key is to get enough to optimize your vitamin D production, but not so much that you get sunburned
  • Many sunscreens contain toxic ingredients that may increase your risk of skin cancer and other health problems
  • The Environmental Working Group ranks sunscreens based on safety and effectiveness. The Mercola brand SPF 50 sunscreen tops the 2017 list of safe and effective sunscreens and was featured in Time magazine
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