Monday, 29 May 2017

Stay At Home Mum

The Term 'Stay-at-Home-Mum' under fire

Is the term 'stay-at-home-mum' outdated?  It caused a stir many years ago because mothers who chose to stay at home and raise their children were considered with disdain.  It is a topic that can arouse many emotions.

Every time I go through immigration at an international airport and scribble madly to complete the dreaded arrival forms, while simultaneously manhandling my overtired children, the ‘what is your occupation?’ question frustrates me.

Do I write ‘lawyer’? That is what I did for most of my professional life. I trained as a lawyer, I was paid good money to practise as a lawyer and I consider myself a ‘lawyer by trade’. But it is not what I have spent most of the past seven years doing.

I’ve been having babies, raising children, managing a household, cooking, cleaning, driving, counselling, negotiating, teaching, feeding, nurturing and caring for my family on a full time, 24/7 basis. I’ve also cared for and supported my husband, and captained the ship that is our somewhat chaotic household.
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