Friday, 5 May 2017

18 Clever And Beneficial Ideas For Used Tea Bags

18 Clever Things ideas for Used Tea Bags

Who would have thought that the used tea bags could be so versatille?  Skin care is just one of the topics where tea bags are a godsend.


4. Hydrate and Soften Your Dry Skin

Tea can be used to hydrate and soften dry skin. Let the tea bags to cool down and brew it in another container. You can apply this solution to your cleansed face to soothe the dry skin.
Any kind of tea can serve this purpose but the antioxidants in green tea are more effective in rehydrating your skin.

5. Steaming Your Pores

Take the used tea bags, place them into a large bowl of hot steamy water, and place your face over the bowl for five to ten minutes.
This will open your pores and allow the great antioxidant properties of the tea to get in to help in toning and hydrating your skin.
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