Thursday, 6 April 2017

Help For Foreign Women In Florence To Build Businesses

Help For Foreign Women In Italy To Build Businesses

The headline grabbed my attention as the above scheme seems such a great opportuntiy for women who may like to settle in Italy.

Women looking for help to launch their careers and start small businesses in Florence now have an invaluable source of support. InformaDonna launched by the Comune earlier this year is giving women of all nationalities the vital tools necessary to make their dreams a reality. Offering free advice and help for women navigating the (sometimes treacherous) job market and wanting to build their own empires, InformaDonna’s mere existence is flying the flag of hope for ambitious women looking to make their own opportunities in life.
Establishing a life in Italy is a courageous feat but to come here and build a successful business is somewhat remarkable. Deciphering the laws and taxes, communicating your company’s vision with the added obstacle of a language barrier and pioneering new ideas takes relentless determination.

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