Sunday, 26 March 2017

Women Are Less Prepared For Retirement Than Men

Women Are Less Prepared For Retirement Thank Men

 The days when women can rely on husbands for preparing for retirement are long gone.  It is very much the task of every individual to ensure that they are financially safe after they stop work.  Especially with women now making up a large part of the working population it is important to prepare for life after work.

If you were to ask a person in their middle 20s about their plans for retirement, most would probably shrug their shoulders and tell you they’d given it little thought. Even many people in their 40s (while most would have thought about it) wouldn’t really have a good idea about how they planned to finance their dreams once they leave the workforce. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of us just aren’t very good at planning for the future.

But we should be. As lifespans increase and people stay in the workforce longer, people will need to have some way to finance their lifestyle in retirement. Most retirement planning experts agree that good planning can help you overcome rising prices, economic uncertainties and taxes. Women are at special risk for several reasons, not the least of which is because, statistically, they can expect to live longer than the men in their lives.

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