Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Help For Lonely And Isolated Mums From Peanut App

Help For Lonely And Isolated Mums

 Here's a wonderful App that can bring young mothers, who may feel lonely and isolated, together.  This is a brilliant App and could be the answer for so many struggling mothers.

After struggling with loneliness herself as a new mum, Michelle decided to what she calls the ‘stigma’ of motherhood once and for all.

‘It’s not really okay to say “I am feeling a bit isolated” or “motherhood is not skipping and dancing on the hills so far and I am not beaming and glowing”. I felt completely inhibited by saying “actually this is really hard! or even worse ‘!I am bored”,’ she tells the Independent.

She says that she just wanted to hang out with other women going through the same thing.
Peanut, which only launched on 15 February, aims to do just that by helping women make meaningful connections based on their interests and values.

‘We see motherhood as an adventure in the life of a woman,’ they say on their website.

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