Thursday, 23 February 2017

The 7 Ways To Battle The Dreaded Hayfever

The 7 Ways To Battle The Dreaded Hay Fever

It is merely the end of February and the allergy season is well under way.  As a sufferer myself I can fully sympathize with people who get these allergies and Hayfever.   this year, however, I armed myself right away with a Hayfever Relief Spray for the Nose and then I also take Bee Pollen pills that my brother recommended for a cough some years ago but I thought it can't do any harm.  

Lo and behold, I do not suffer like in other years, thankfully because sleeping can be a nightmare and generally it can be quite unpleasant feeling low and having no sense of smell or taste. 

The Bee Pollen Capsules from Amazon are by a Company called 'Natural Answers' and Superior Strength and very much worth a try.

The Article above also gives some great helpful tips so let's hope that this year is better than before and that at least some of the remedies recommended give you relief.
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