Monday, 6 February 2017

How To Find Your Ideal Partner

 A Date With Destiny Perhaps?


Louise Hay, the author of that wonderful book:  'You Can Heal Your Life and owner of the Publishing Company, Hay House, is well known for getting like-minded spiritual people together, whether they wrote a book or give talks or are involved in schemes that help the Community.

I was in two minds about sharing this post but then I felt that it could help someone find that extra special partner and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, it could just be the answer to your prayers.

The website that Hay House recommends is for finding a partner, and may just be the ticket for finding that like-minded man or woman.  Many people have an aversion to dating sites and there are a lot of scams but equally many people have found their partner through these sites., is a dating site with a difference as people who sign up are looking for partners who are interested in Yoga, Creativity, Volunteering, Personal Growth and more such areas of interest.

Check this out if you have been wanting to find the right person to share your life.

Please note that I am not affiliated with this site.
Warm wishes!
Adele Bantle

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