Thursday, 8 December 2016

Popular Kitchen Remedy Puts Antibiotics To Shame

Popular Kitchen Remedy Puts Antibiotics To Shame

 More and more we need to find alternatives to Antibiotics to cure our ills without resorting to Antibiotics because it has been known that they have lost their power to cure.  The proof is the MRSA virus that many patients contract in hospitals and which takes a long time and many courses of Antibiotics to cure.  Penicillin is the first course of action a doctor tends to prescribe when we have an infection but now it is well known that it can be ineffective.  Besides this fact, natural remedies are always best.  There are herbs and spices that can achieve great results. We need to look to nature for our good health which I am certain is the way in was intended.

Fighting infection with conventional antibiotics is becoming a hopeless affair. The CDC recently warned these drugs are useless in combatting deadly “super germs.” So what can one do? Your kitchen holds the key.

Every day in this country, all day long, patients and doctors reach for conventional antibiotics when opportunistic infections present themselves. The fact that most infections are self-limiting (the body has an immune system, we often forget), and that antibacterial antibiotics are often administered for viral infections, against which they are useless and even infection-promoting, is rarely if ever acknowledged. There is also the problem that antibiotics themselves drive the growth of antibiotic resistant subpopulations of bacteria, effectively creating “super germs” in the process. This effect can adversely alter the microbial substrate for our health for months, years, and perhaps for our entire lifetime (and our progeny’s lifetimes).

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