Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Best Time To Exercise

It Matters What Time You Exercise

 Here is an interesting take on the best time to exercise.  I guess each person has to find the most suitable time for their exercise.

 “Oxygen and the internal clock are doing a dance together inside muscle cells to produce energy, and the time of day determines how well that dance is synchronized …  The capacity for a cell to perform its most important functions, to contract, will vary according to the time of day.”

  • Muscles have their own internal clocks and, as a result, function better during the day than they do at night
  • Practically speaking, this means your workout could yield different fitness results depending on the time of day, with daytime exercise being preferable to nighttime workouts
  • Your muscles’ circadian rhythm controls exercise response, and your muscles’ ability to use oxygen for energy and adapt to the demands of exercise is most efficient during the day
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