Monday, 17 October 2016

Are Cancer Stem Cells the Key to Discovering a Cure?

Are Cancer Stem Cells the Key to Discovering a Cure?

This article makes grim reading and should serve as a warning. Here we are believing that Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy make cancer shrink, yet they seriously undermine the immune system and so can make cancer even more aggressive.

 From the perspective of conventional cancer treatment, a diagnosis of multi-drug resistant cancer is equivalent to a death sentence. By the time such a diagnosis occurs, the patient's body has been irreversibly damaged by chemotherapy and radiation, and an even more aggressive cancer has emerged to take the place of the original one.

Tragically, these treatments do not simply fail but make the cancers more malignant.  This fact is effectively concealed by the name multidrug resistant cancer which makes it seem as if the cancer was so exceptionally resistant and malignant that the normally effective drugs used to treat it just couldn't do the job. 

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