Thursday, 25 August 2016

Spice Beats Chemo, Radiation, Surgery for Brain Cancer, Study Suggests

Spice Beats Chemo, Radiation, Surgery For Brain Cancer, Study Suggests

This post is once again evidence how we must value the healing remedies that nature offers.  Scientists are always trying to get us to use chemical to heal our ailments but if we only believed that natural remedies can do as well or better we would at least have explored all the avenues open to healing.

Increasingly, science is validating the therapeutic value of spices to prevent and treat disease, including for conditions as serious as lethal brain cancer. 

Modern medical science is finally catching up to the wisdom of our distant ancestors. Spices, for instance, were once traded along ancient spice routes throughout Asia, Northeast Africa, and Europe, as highly precious commodities; some of them were so prized for their life-saving properties they were literally worth their weight in gold. Only in the past few decades have the traditional folkloric uses of these powerful plant extracts undergone validation via pre-clinical and clinical research. The results are nothing short of amazing, especially when it comes to providing hope for conditions that conventional treatment not only does not have anything to offer, but may actually worsen.

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