Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Help For Depression Without Psychiatric Medications

The Truth About Depression

 This article caught my eye and made interesting reading so I am happy to share it here.

Dr. Kelly Brogan published a book on her findings about depression and how women can heal their bodies to reclaims their lives.  Below is an extract on her message:

Dr. Brogan’s straightforward message is that depression, which according to the WHO is the #1 global cause of disability, and which feeds into a 80+ billion dollar a year psychiatric medication industry, is completely treatable and even reversible with a nutrition-based approach that does not require psychiatric medications. The book not only reveals the unscientific nature of  psychiatric definitions of mental illness (which are arrived at by the psychiatry guild’s process of consensus and not any form of empirical or scientific validation), as well as the conspicuous lack of scientific justification for treating mental illness with pharmaceuticals, but gives the readers access to exactly those protocols, nutritional recommendations, and mind-body practices, she discovered could successfully treat and yes, sometimes cure, her patients. 
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