Monday, 25 January 2016

Women Leaving Abusive Relationships

Good News On Domestic Violence

This article and Video are good news.  Finally women have the courage to leave abusive relationships and if we can go on encouraging many more it will be a blessing.  I am sure many women will see a pattern in this story that may be similar to their own.

Alex* was pregnant with her youngest child when she decided things had to change.
For years she had been living in an abusive relationship with her partner. He was controlling and financially, verbally and emotionally abusive. He would obsessively read her text messages, isolate her from friends and family and denigrate her.
“He played on what he knew would hurt me,” Alex told Guardian Australia. “He would find his angle in and go on and on and on about it. So, eventually, I started to believe [what he said about me].
“I didn’t have a label for it because, in my mind, domestic violence was physical.
“I thought it was normal.”
When she became pregnant, her partner stepped up the abuse. Alex had no doubt that, if she had stayed, her partner would have become violent and dangerous.......Read more:

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