Monday, 7 December 2015

Questions To Ask If You Need Hospital Treatment

Questions to Ask If You Need Hospital Treatment

The threat of infection is becoming more and more likely when you need hospital treatment as many hospitals are infection zones.  It is difficult to avoid the bacteria that is looming everywhere so make sure you ask the necessary questions.

The hospital authorities are trying hard to get on top of this situation but it seems virtually impossible as bacteria is getting ever more immune to sterilisation.  Hospitals have introduced the sterilisation gel placed outside entrance doors which is supposed to protect us against bacteria but personally I don't think this is effective.  After all, why has it not worked and the threat of viruses in hospitals is getting worse.

  • The primary tools used to screen for colon cancer are sigmoidoscopes and colonoscopes. These devices are not disposable, so they must be sterilized between each use
  • About 80 percent of endoscopes are cleaned using Cidex (glutaraldehyde), which does NOT properly sterilize these tools, potentially allowing for the transfer of infectious material
  • Asking what solution is used to clean the scope is a key question that could save your life. Make sure it’s been sterilized with peracetic acid, to avoid potential transfer of infectious material from previous patients
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