Sunday, 22 November 2015

Back Operation? Secrets Revealed

Many people appear to suffer from back pain.  A surgeon explains that an operation is not always effective.  I have long suspected that some back pain is the result of emotional baggage that has not been dealt with.

For instance, some years ago I was told I had cancer.  This diagnosis was totally wrong , as it later transpired, and came just before Christmas so I decided not to tell anyone.  Until I had the all-clear, I worried day and night.   The result of keeping this to myself meant sleepless nights and enormous back pain which could not be eased with pain killers.

It always pays to ask for a second opinion when it comes to operations suggested by your doctor.
  • Neurophysiological disorder (NPD) is an outgrowth of chronic stress and anxiety, causing your nervous system to be flooded with adrenaline and cortisol. Many chronic pains are rooted in NPD
  • Expressive writing, where you write down your negative thoughts, breaks up the psychological pathways of anxiety and frustration, allowing you to reprogram your brain and release physical pain
  • Anxiety and physical pain are processed in the same part of your brain; they’re essentially the same thing. Acute pain activates your brain’s pain center, whereas chronic pain activates the emotional center only.

Back Pain

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